UberPOOL just got way safer and less stressful

UberPOOL, the ride-hailing app’s carpool option, is great — until three other people pile into the backseat. At that point your ride just got at least 20 minutes longer and it doesn’t help that one person needs to get dropped off on a small side street in the middle of downtown at rush hour.

Uber has apparently noticed that these inconvenient drop-offs are wasting everyone’s time, so they introduced a new feature. Instead of just telling your driver you can get out a block before the traffic hell-hole in front of your destination, the app will offer up that option and notify you and your driver.

The suggested drop-off feature pops up on your phone if Uber finds a spot near your destination that is quicker and safer for you to get out. The notification tells you how much time the new drop-off will shave off your trip. If you’re cool with the new spot, the driver is notified and will be directed there instead of taking endless left turns.

You can always say no to the suggested drop-off — but if you’re able to walk a block and save your fellow riders and your driver from traffic hell it’s a courteous and helpful option. 

This goes into effect in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles Thursday — so maybe choosing UberPOOL will be less of a time-suck.

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