Trump discovers a whole new way to embarrass himself on Twitter

Donald Trump was quick to defend himself on Twitter after a Senate hearing over his campaign’s ties to Russia. 

The strange thing? He did it with an extremely awkward banner photo.

That’s actually one of his tweets, Photoshopped in what appears to be a font from the 1980s over a photo of a bunch of white people giving the thumbs-up sign. 

Clapper said Monday that he was not aware of any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Which isn’t surprising, since he also said that he wasn’t even aware of an investigation into the matter until FBI Director James Comey made it public in March. 

Still, nuance isn’t exactly Trump’s thing, which would explain the banner. 

Of course, people outside of the White House also have access to Photoshop and Trump’s past tweets, so you knew this was inevitable …

In case you’re wondering, yes, someone has already made a “Trump Twitter Cover Generator.”

Have fun, kids. And don’t think about the many, many connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

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