Poll asks Americans what they think of Donald Trump and the answers are so, so shady

When many people think of President Donald Trump, the first word that comes to mind is “idiot.” 

No,  that’s not us calling the president names — that’s the very real result of a recent Quinnipiac poll that asked what people think of Donald Trump.

The poll asked 1,078 voters what word came to mind when they thought of The Donald, and 39 respondents answered “idiot,” a larger number than any other response. “Incompetent” came in second, with 31 mentions, followed by “liar,” with 30. Lest the president be too upset by the results, “leader” came in fourth, with 25 mentions. 

Here’s the full list:

Image: Quinnipiac

The poll, published on Wednesday, shows eroding confidence in the president’s honesty —  the same week when the president needs United States citizens to trust him more than ever. 

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, and the official reason the White House gave focuses on how Comey handled the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Comey, however, was also leading the FBI’s investigation into alleged ties between the Russian government and Trump’s presidential campaign, casting an undemocratic shadow over the firing.

According to the poll, 61 percent of respondents now believe Trump is not honest, up from 58 on April 19. A higher percentage of respondents also now believe that the president is not “level-headed.” His approval rating, according to the poll, is also down to a bargain basement 36%.

But hey, polls can be unreliable and its margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

WATCH: Trump’s outrageous insults throughout his campaign


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