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College coach shaking invisible hands is really committed to sportsmanship

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day.  After a fight left tensions high during a basketball game between Siena College and Rider University, Rider coach Kevin Baggett and his team left the court without shaking hands. SEE ALSO: Twitter roasts MLB player for mansplaining birth control to Jessica Chastain But that didn’t stop Siena […]

Four-hour Grateful Dead doc ‘Long Strange Trip’ headed to Amazon

Time to get an Amazon subscription, Deadheads. Amazon Studios on Wednesday announced it has acquired the rights to a four-hour documentary about the iconic band Grateful Dead. You read that right — four hours — about as long as the average Dead show was, end-to-end. Long Strange Trip, from director Amir Bar-Lev (The Tillman Story) […]

Critics love M. Night Shyamalan’s split-personality movie, apparently?

Here’s the most shocking M. Night Shyamalan twist in 18 years: Critics are loving his latest movie, Split. Not since 1999’s The Sixth Sense has one of the polarizing director’s films been this much of a hit with reviewers, who currently have Split at 76% on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s slightly better than After Earth (11%), […]

Cowboys fan gets awful tattoo, jinxes season, still has no ragrets

Dallas Cowboys fan and stand-up comedian Jordan Garnett did what no superstitious sports fan should ever do — get a tattoo prematurely celebrating your team’s championship.  Garnett got “Super Bowl LI Champions” with a Cowboys logo inked on his shoulder in December, you know, a solid two months before Super Bowl LI in Houston. As […]

SpaceX’s most recent rocket landing looks so sci-fi in new photos

New photos released by SpaceX Wednesday show just how sci-fi their rocket landings really are. The back-lit images reveal the first stage of the Elon Musk-founded company’s Falcon 9 rocket coming in for a landing on a drone ship in the Pacific Ocean on Jan. 14.  SEE ALSO: SpaceX’s breathtaking bullseye rocket landing in gifs […]

Trump’s EPA nominee spars with Bernie Sanders over climate change

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wrongly suggested on Wednesday that scientists still don’t know exactly why climate change is happening. Scott Pruitt, the Republican attorney general of Oklahoma, claimed during his Senate confirmation hearing that climate experts are still debating the extent to which human activity is driving up […]

Fans uncover the backstory for the next ‘Legend of Zelda’

Using nothing but a brief glimpse at the back of the game’s special edition map, a group of hardcore Legend of Zelda fans figured out the backstory of the next anticipated entry in the series, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. YouTuber Zeltik and his fellow code-crackers were able to piece together the backstory […]

Knighted actor Patrick Stewart to play animated poop in ‘The Emoji Movie’

It’s every actor’s dream to play a universal role, and the legendary Patrick Stewart may have won on that front once and for all. Stewart will voice Poop in this year’s animated The Emoji Movie, Sony announced on Thursday. SEE ALSO: 29 times Patrick Stewart was hands down the most awesome guy on Twitter The […]

‘This is Us’ will keep you crying for at least 2 more seasons

Your weekly emotion-fest isn’t going anywhere: NBC just renewed breakout freshman drama This is Us for not one, but two, new seasons. Each new season will have a minimum of 18 episodes, so that means fans will be getting at least 36 new episodes to cry at/with. SEE ALSO: ‘This Is Us’ gives us a […]

‘Star Trek Discovery’ is still boldly going — we just don’t know when

The new Star Trek ship seems to be having some trouble getting out of the hangar. Star Trek Discovery, a star-crossed project that was set to premiere on CBS’ digital “All-Access” platform in May, has had its launch window delayed indefinitely, according to CBS.  SEE ALSO: A ‘Walking Dead’ favorite is the new lead on […]

Obama offers kind words to the media at the end of eight long years

President Barack Obama took the podium at his final press conference on Wednesday and offered the media some words of encouragement: Don’t change and don’t back down.  “You’re not supposed to be sycophants,” Obama said. “You’re supposed to be skeptics.” The president’s words carry a particular weight just two days before President-elect Donald Trump is […]

Slack is about to get a lot less confusing with threaded messages

Slack just introduced a major update that promises to make conversations easier to follow.  The workplace messaging app introduced threaded conversations Wednesday, a feature the company says has long been one of its users’ top requests. Set to roll out “over the next few days,” threads allows users to reply directly to chats in nested […]

Cortana is coming to a lock screen near you

It’s now easier than ever to use Cortana on your Android phone. A new feature currently in beta puts Cortana right on your lock screen for quick access, MSPoweruser reports.  SEE ALSO: Nissan to add Cortana, letting you take to the road like Master Chief The feature is similar to Cortana’s behavior on Windows 10, […]