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Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone take ‘musical quiz’ and one of them fails miserably

Ryan Gosling may have nailed his performance in the multi-Golden Globe-winning musical La La Land, but damn, he knows almost nothing about the genre.  While Emma Stone adorably offered mostly-correct answers to the “musical quiz” questions, leveled at her by Magic Radio, London, her co-star Gosling grimaced through the ordeal enough to provide footage for […]

Trump to use personal Twitter account instead of @POTUS, report says

With just days left until Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, the president-elect has finally settled a burning question: where he’ll tweet from once he’s in the White House. SEE ALSO: Next time Trump tweets about a company, this app will let you know if it cost you some […]

Winkd is a dating app where LGBTQ people are not an afterthought

While dating apps have exploded in popularity, they’re most often built with straight, cisgender men and women in mind. Winkd is a soon-to-be launched dating app built for the LGBTQ community. Founded by Diana Kalkoul and Neda Robat-Meily, two 20-something Sydneysiders who both have backgrounds in technology, the app aims to be LGBTQ-friendly from the […]

Donald Trump isn’t happy about ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ pee jokes

In what has become something of a weekly tradition, President-elect Donald Trump has once again responded to an unflattering portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live.  This time, however, people had some golden reactions to his tweet. SEE ALSO: ‘SNL’ asks Trump about ‘big Russian pee-pee parties’ in first cold open of 2017 The skit, […]

3 guys happen to catch SpaceX launch from an airplane

SpaceX successfully launched — and landed! — its Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday, it’s first launch since another one of its rockets exploded last fall.  Luckily for us, some adventurous guys caught the whole thing on camera from nearly two miles up in the air.  SEE ALSO: SpaceX’s Saturday rocket launch is a big freaking […]

Hauntingly beautiful images emerge from deadly ice storms

Winter storms left large swaths of the central U.S. encased in sheets of ice this weekend. Across the Midwest and southern Plains, roads, power lines, trees and windows glistened with an icy glaze. On Sunday, a third wave of sleet and drizzle continued to bear down on areas where temperatures hovered around freezing.  SEE ALSO: […]

Rare photos show Obama girls on their first visit to the White House

For nearly all American children, shimmying around the White House in your tights or roaming its historic, hidden rooms will always remain a fantasy. But a handful of kids really have made the presidential residence their playground. A series of rare 2008 photos, posted by NBC’s TODAY show, capture the Obama daughters sliding down a […]

‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli pegged in the face by dog poop at protest

A scheduled joint appearance by nefarious pharma bro Martin Shkreli and Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos went sideways on Friday due to protests, during which Shkreli got pegged in the face by dog poop.  SEE ALSO: Alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos got a big book deal and Twitter is furious The event, promoted using the hashtag “#SHKRELOPOULOS,” […]

Thanks to Trump, Rep. John Lewis is dominating Amazon’s bestsellers list

Well, something good actually happened because of Donald Trump‘s tweets, but don’t get used to it.  Following a couple early morning tweets dismissing Rep. John Lewis, March, the Georgia congressman’s graphic novel memoir, leaped to the top of Amazon’s bestsellers list.  SEE ALSO: Can we please stop branding compassion as ‘liberal elitism?’ Presumably after Trump […]

Why being a ‘weekend warrior’ is still good for your health

If going to the gym during the workweek sounds daunting to you, fear not: Working out only on the weekends has health benefits too, a new study suggests. In the study, researchers examined so-called weekend warriors, who cram a week’s worth of exercise into just one or two days. SEE ALSO: A deer decided to […]

The Ringling Bros. circus is shutting down after 146 years

A circus without elephants might be more humane, but apparently it’s far less enticing. The owners of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus said they will permanently end their 146-year-old show this spring. “The Greatest Show on Earth” saw a steep decline in ticket sales after removing elephants from performances in May 2016. SEE […]

Tina Fey crashes Felicity Jones’ ‘SNL’ monologue to beg for a ‘Star Wars’ gig

Hologram Tina Fey stopped by Saturday Night Live to give Felicity Jones some tips on hosting the show (“If Steven Seagal can do it, so can you”) and tell her to disregard whatever tweet storm from the president-elect that follows.  But more importantly, Fey pleaded with Jones to relay the message that she is “technically […]

7 can’t-miss apps: Duobook, Forest, AlarmMon and more

With the tech world recovering from a CES hangover, you may have missed some of this week’s best apps. Each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week’s list includes an app that allows you to switch seamlessly between ebooks and audio books, two apps that help you […]