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India wants more details from WhatsApp on its data sharing policy

WhatsApp won’t be able to get away with its privacy policy changes so easily in India. SEE ALSO: WhatsApp announces plans to share user data with Facebook India’s Supreme Court today sent a notice to the central government, telecom regulator TRAI, as well as Facebook and WhatsApp to address a petition that raises issues with […]

The internet is fact-checking Trump’s first UK interview

Donald Trump has given his first UK interview — with former Tory leadership contender Michael Gove — in which he praised Britain for the Brexit vote and said he wants a trade deal with the UK done quickly.  SEE ALSO: Meryl Streep’s Globes speech was beautiful, heartfelt and played right into Donald Trump’s hands Published […]

Just 8 men own the same wealth as the poorest half of the population, report says

Eight of the world’s richest men own approximately the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the population, a new report from Oxfam claims.  Four of these eight billionaires are from the tech industry: Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison. Together, the […]

China warns Trump again that he is ‘playing with fire’

China will have “no choice but to take off the gloves”, if U.S. president-elect Donald Trump continues to question Chinese policy, a state-owned newspaper has declared.  The China Daily‘s editorial is the latest in a series of remarks on Trump, with another Chinese newspaper previously calling him “immature”. The latest rebuke comes after Trump dismissed […]

Pakistani singer halts concert to save girl from harassment, earns praise

Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is going viral for all the right reasons.  The popular artiste who was performing in Karachi on Sunday stopped mid-song to prevent a girl from being harassed by a bunch of boys. SEE ALSO: Bangalore’s ‘Night of Shame’: Mass molestation in India’s Silicon Valley on New Year’s Eve A video posted […]

This rural school only has two students

You wouldn’t typically picture a school being this empty, but this one in rural Youyang County, near Chongqing in inland China, is so empty it only has two students and one teacher. The teacher in charge, 53-year-old Yang Jinhua, has taught for nearly 35 years in the village elementary school since he was 18. Despite […]

This company hopes you’d disinfect your home with cow urine

One of India’s fastest-growing consumer goods companies, Patanjali Ayurved, advertised a product that has captured the attention of the masses.  Gonyle — a floor disinfectant made from cow urine — showed up in full-page ads in leading Indian newspapers on Sunday.  SEE ALSO: Global consumers say brands must be environmentally responsible Though cow urine, popularly […]

Chinese people will make 3 billion trips for the Lunar New Year this month

Billions of Chinese travellers will soon be packed across airports, trains and bus stations as they head home for one of the country’s biggest celebrations, Chinese New Year.  A mindboggling 2.98 billion trips will be made over a 40-day stretch this Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, up 2 percent from last […]

‘Homeland’ recap: Season 6, Episode 1 – ‘Fair Game’ is anything but

This recap contains spoilers for Homeland Season 6, episode 1, titled “Fair Game.” Homeland is back for Season 6 with “Fair Game,” an episode that finds the key players a bit scattered when the season begins — but it’s only a matter of time before they converge.   Carrie’s fight After years of globetrotting in […]

These guys are making some seriously catchy beats with household objects

With all the music tech on the market, it’s rare to stumble upon electronic music that still feels raw and home-made. Bottlesmoker is a duo from Bandung, Indonesia, who make music from things lying around at home. They cut and autotune these sounds, splicing them with melodies from classroom instruments like melodicas and glockenspiels, or […]

Samsung to confirm next week what everyone knew about the Galaxy Note7 months ago

One of the biggest mysteries of 2016 might end without a climatic ending after all.  Samsung may have reached the same conclusion for what caused its Galaxy Note7 to catch fire as everyone else did months ago. SEE ALSO: Airlines can now stop warning passengers about Samsung Galaxy Note7 before flights Samsung has found that […]

Asia is throwing out an increasingly large, dangerous amount of e-waste

All those old TV screens, smartphones and computer monitors have to go somewhere. In east and south east Asia, discarded electronics are piling up at an alarming rate. A new report has found that 12.3 million tonnes of e-waste was created over five years in the region — more than two times the weight “of […]

Everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, will be arriving very soon. The pressure is on for the Korean electronics giant to deliver a flagship phone that not only improves on the specs of last year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but also kicks the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’ butt. SEE ALSO: Samsung’s foldable […]