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10 companies that have successfully transformed something old to make it new again

Some of the most striking business success stories of the last few years aren’t about a new product or idea so much as they are about revamping something well-loved (or at least, well-used) and making it feel exciting again. Pokemon Go might be the most obvious example, but there are many others worth noting. How […]

Facebook fake news features will also be available in Germany

Germany has taken a tough stance in the battle against fake news and now it’s about to become the first country outside of the U.S. to get Facebook’s new tools help combat the problem.  It comes after German officials threatened to fine the social media platform for every fake story that populated the newsfeed as […]

Steelers coach calls Patriots ‘assholes’ in locker room Facebook Live

On Sunday night, while celebrating a big playoff win, Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown streamed the team’s post-game celebration on Facebook Live but might have given their upcoming opponent, the New England Patriots, some bulletin board material. SEE ALSO: Here’s why fans hate Fox broadcaster Joe Buck so much After the Steelers outlasted the Kansas […]

Designer builds ‘The Last of Us’ out of 20,000 Lego bricks

Fans anxiously awaiting the sequel to The Last of Us can instead look to Lego builder Tim Schwalfenberg.  Schwalfenberg built a Lego diorama of the 2013 Playstation game, spotted by Kotaku, that covers an entire city block of the game’s dystopia.  The 100-hour, 20,000-brick project shows The Last of Us’s Ellie and Joel surrounded by […]

Kickstarter joins NYC effort to close wage gap by not asking about employee salary history

A new bill in New York City would make it illegal for employers to ask potential hires about their salary histories, and NYC-based companies are slowly getting on board.  Kickstarter is the first tech company to publicly back the legislation, which was proposed by the New York City public advocate’s office. The law, which would […]

A vegan fried chicken shop opened because goodness exists in the world

LONDON — Ah, fried chicken. It’s greasy, it’s fried, it’s finger lickin’ good. But it hasn’t exactly been vegan friendly — until now.  SEE ALSO: Tricked-out vegan milkshakes come to NYC this weekend only A restaurant serving vegan fried “chicken” opened in London on Saturday, bringing joy and happiness to the lives of myriad city-dwelling […]

‘Sherlock’ Season 4 finale weaves an exhausting, tangled web

It’s telling that a show about a 47-year-old American pope with a fluctuating accent and troubling proclivity for Cherry Coke Zero was only the second weirdest episode to air on TV on Jan. 15. The Season 4 finale of BBC’s Sherlock opened with an abandoned plane, the ghost of a child and clowns in an […]

Skrillex reunites with From First To Last because emo is forever

Alert your Top 8 immediately — From First to Last is back.  “Make War,” the band’s first new song in a decade  — and since frontman Sonny Moore transformed into EDM superstar Skrillex — is here.  “Happy anniversary from the bottom of my credit card,” wails Moore. Now try fighting the impulse to grab a […]

Airbus wants to have an autonomous aircraft prototype by the end of 2017

The flying car remains among those technologies that has always remained about ten years away.  Or maybe just a year, if you believe the CEO of Airbus.  “One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground,” said Tom Enders, the chief executive of aerospace company Airbus, […]

Tesla owner gets stranded in the desert after relying on phone to start the car

Even if you own a Tesla, you should still carry your car keys at all times.  Tesla owner, Las Vegas investor and entrepreneur Ryan Negri learned that the hard way as he got stranded with his Tesla six miles from home near Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Negri used the Tesla mobile app to start the […]

This viral photo of lemons could save your life

LONDON — We might be familiar with the signs of breast cancer, but when it comes to identifying visual symptoms in our own breasts, it’s not quite so easy.  SEE ALSO: A breast cancer survivor is using stunning body art to reclaim her body Designer Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont has launched a campaign to raise awareness […]

BBC is investigating if Russians leaked Sherlock finale

The BBC is investigating how the fourth season finale of Sherlock was leaked online, after a Russian-language version of the episode was illegally uploaded ahead of transmission.  SEE ALSO: ‘Sherlock’ creator shuts down Season 4 critics with poetic open letter A leaked version of His Final Problem featured a short continuity announcement that identified it […]

Indians can now withdraw more money from ATMs every day

Indians can now heave a sigh of relief. They can now withdraw more of their own money, parked in their own bank accounts.  The country’s federal bank has raised the withdrawal limit from ATMs to Rs 10,000 ($147) per day per card from the existing Rs 4,500 ($66) with immediate effect. However, their withdrawals will […]