Lin-Manuel Miranda teases a new song for Puerto Rico aid relief and it's gonna be big

The situation in Puerto Rico after the passage of Category 4 storm Hurricane Maria is still dire, with many people left without a home, potable water, and food. 

Many stars like Rihanna have urged President Donald Trump to deliver aid to the U.S. territory but Hamilton creator and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda is taking it one step further. 

In a series of teasing tweets, he said he’s composing a new song to raise funds for relief efforts in the Caribbean island:

In an interview with CNN, Miranda said: 

“It’s a love letter to Puerto Rico. I had the idea at 3 in the morning. … The initial demo was me singing in a bathroom.”

Panamanian singer and actor Ruben Blades and fellow Hamilton star Anthony Ramos will both feature in the song, which is due to be released on 6 October: 

Miranda told CNN he was flattered by the reaction from Puerto Rican artists when he pitched the song: 

“To every artist, I’ve said, ‘Can you help out on this song?’ And they said yes. Without even hearing the song, everyone’s joined in”

Miranda’s fans were thrilled to hear a new song was coming: 

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