Amazon Prime's newest perk: Exclusive concerts

Put on your dancing shoes, which presumably arrived at your house with free shipping.

Amazon’s Prime subscription service has a new perk: Live, exclusive music events. 

Amazon has announced four music festivals in London, with tickets only available to Prime members. The first event is slated for May 23 and features Blondie as the headline act. Tickets start at £75 (about $100).

The announcement of the shows comes as something of a surprise. Until now, Prime has been a mostly digital package of perks with cheap shipping of Amazon orders and Prime Video at its core. 

The concerts are under the new label of Prime Live Events with the tagline: “Intimate. Exclusive. Live.”

As for the intimacy, the events slated so far are all under 1000 tickets per show. 

It is not immediately clear if Prime Live Events will expand beyond London.

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