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Even the L.A. Chargers’ new coach calls the NFL’s lamest team the San Diego Chargers

You couldn’t have scripted a more perfect blunder.  A week after the San Diego Chargers left their fans in the cold to move to Los Angeles following San Diegans’ refusal to finance a new stadium with public money, the team’s biggest hire is apparently still living in the past.  SEE ALSO: The San Diego, er, […]

‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ moves to Netflix with new Jerry Seinfeld deal

Crackle’s loss is Netflix’s gain — Jerry Seinfeld is headed to Netflix. The comedian has reportedly signed a multifaceted production deal with the Los Gatos, Calif.-based streaming giant. Netflix confirmed the move in a statement Tuesday. Under the new deal, Seinfeld will film two new stand-up specials exclusively for the streaming service, and will help […]

Chelsea Manning will go free. Now, about Julian Assange’s extradition …

WikiLeaks made a big offer just five days ago. If President Barack Obama commuted Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange would allow himself to be sent back to the U.S. to face charges for disseminating classified information. That offer is being put to the test. On Tuesday afternoon, news broke that Obama had used his power as […]

Obama directs $500 million to Green Climate Fund just before Trump takes office

The Obama administration wrote a second check for $500 million on Tuesday to the Green Climate Fund, an international organization designed to help the developing world adapt to global warming and deploy more clean energy technologies.  The announcement from the State Department comes less than three days before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. During the […]

Mario enters the real world in hilarious ‘Grand Theft Auto’ mod

Nintendo gave the world a glimpse of its upcoming game Super Mario Odyssey last week, which showed Mario running and leaping around a brand new setting for the Mario series: a real-looking city. The internet thought it looked a bit like Grand Theft Auto with the mustachioed goomba-stomper as the main character, which is a […]

‘Die Hard’ director emerges from 14-year exile, and makes the ‘Ghost Recon’ trailer

It’s hard to believe John McTiernan—arguably Hollywood’s most celebrated director of pure action movies—has been away this long. Or that this is how he chose to start what we hope is a big comeback. Predator, Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October, even Last Action Hero—McTiernan is a titan of the genre from the 1980s […]

Intel wants to use sensors and robots to overhaul in-store shopping

A wave of new technology is set to reinvent the way people shop in stores, and Intel wants to be at the center of it. The chip giant announced the launch of a new platform for brick-and-mortar retailers this week that will tie together a set of software systems, sensors and other tech aimed at […]

Here’s why two players didn’t attend the Chicago Cubs’ White House visit

As teams across sports hedge on whether or not they’ll visit the White House (a customary stop for championship teams) during a Trump presidency, the Chicago Cubs bypassed the debate altogether, squeezing in a visit during President Obama’s last week in office.  SEE ALSO: This is why it’s a bad idea to Facebook Live in […]

One of the most underrated heroes in comics is back. Here’s a first look

For years, Valiant Comics has been a leading publisher in the indie market. It’s been nominated for several Harvey Awards and has top-notch titles like Harbinger and Bloodshot on its roster.  But Valiant Comics’ underrated flagship was a series called X-O Manowar. After its launch back in 1992, it became an indie classic, selling more […]

30 years after the real ‘Cool Runnings,’ Jamaican bobsled team crowdfunds for a coach

It’d be quite a story, that’s for sure.  Jamaica could win its first-ever medal in bobsled next year at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea — exactly 30 years after the Caribbean island nation improbably debuted in the sport at the 1988 Olympics, a tale later immortalized in the Hollywood classic Cool Runnings.  But […]

Raspberry Pi has a fancy new toy for its most demanding fans

There’s a powerful new toy for DIY-ers who love to customize their gadgets—and it’ll only set you back $30. The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the Compute Module 3 (CM3) on Monday, a new board that will help manufacturers produce cost effective, high quality hardware. There’s a less powerful Compute Module 3 Lite (CM3L) for $25.  […]

Google’s first Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches are coming in February

Google will launch two new smartwatches running Android Wear 2.0 on Feb. 9, a new report says. VentureBeat spilled the beans on the new Google smartwatches on Tuesday. The report says Google’s two wearables will be built by LG and start shipping in the U.S. the day after they’re announced. SEE ALSO: Google to fight […]

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant get their hands bloody in ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ trailer

What if a family member dies — but still keeps living? In Netflix’s upcoming Santa Clarita Diet, Drew Barrymore plays the undead Sheila Hammond (“zombie” has a negative connotation), your everyday realtor trying to spend time with her family and curb her urges to consume human flesh. SEE ALSO: This recut trailer of ‘Fargo’ is […]